DJ Mark

Mark Pendergrast has been hooked on DJing ever since he first slipped behind a mixer at a house party in the early 90s and saw the crowd fill the dance floor. In the following years, Mark has turned his passion into a successful DJ career, with countless gigs spinning tunes at Seattle and Pacific Northwest area weddings, corporate events and of course his standby, house parties. His many years in the high tech digital music and home entertainment industries also complement his DJ interests.

His approach to any event is to focus foremost on meeting your overall needs and goals and understand the mood, theme and/or ambiance you want. Providing top notch customer service both before and during the event is essential to Mark whether it be playing your obscure requests or making the buffet announcement.

Building from a foundation of classic funk from the 70s, post-punk New Wave hits from the 80s, and alternative from the early 90s, DJ Mark has wide and varied musical tastes. His CD (& now digital music) collection has grown to include everything from classic wedding favorites, disco and funk, downtempo grooves, to more contemporary dance floor hits along with nearly every other genre in between. No matter your decade or musical interest, Mark is sure to have the right songs handy to pull together the perfect DJ set for your event, party, or wedding.